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Meet Our Founder

Hi! I’m Becky, Founder of Day Out.

I started Day Out in 2018 and our mission has always been to create snacks that you can feel great about eating every single day. The idea came to me while working as a busy pharmacist with very limited time to prepare healthy meals and snacks. I found myself settling for easily accessible snacks that weren’t exactly the healthiest foods to be eating every single day. Day after day, I would opt for convenience over nutrition (even though the snacks I was choosing were marketed as “healthy” options) and eventually it caught up to me. I had no energy and would often find myself skipping my workouts which I used to look forward to. It was in that moment that I truly realized how much of an impact our food choices have on how we feel and ultimately how we live our lives.

For years I searched for snacks that could easily be eaten on the go and were also made with ingredients I could actually pronounce. I was so done with the packaged snacks that were loaded with gums, emulsifiers, questionable oils, and artificial preservatives. I knew I had to create my own alternative- something that could provide the nutrition that my body needed and was actually made with real food. I turned to my kitchen cabinets and started rolling out nutrient-rich, dessert-inspired protein balls. By leaving out the junk and fillers, these protein-packed bites kept me full and energized for hours…satisfying both my nutritional needs and sweet tooth at the same time.

Our protein balls are made in small batches with ingredients you can actually pronounce. No junk, no fillers, just real food. That’s because our recipes were crafted in a real kitchen- not in some lab)!

Fast forward to today, we are still striving to solve modern-day snack problems by offering simple ingredients (nothing artificial), convenient portions, and indulgent taste all rolled up into a poppable, perfectly-portioned bite that can be enjoyed anywhere your Day Out brings you.

We're Setting New Snack Standards

Plant-Based Ingredients

A sustainable way to satisfy your nutritional needs.

Rich In Fiber

Stay full and energized for longer.


Contains 3g of plant-based protein per ball.

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No Artificial 

Just real food, no junk. Made without gums, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners.

Guilt-Free Snacking

Decadent flavors that satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt.

Ready To Eat

Perfectly portioned, poppable protein balls that can keep you fueled throughout the day.

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