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When Your Workouts Hit the Wall

Tempted to hit the snooze button instead of jumping out of bed to start your morning workout? Heading for the couch after work instead of the exercise bike? If you...

Tempted to hit the snooze button instead of jumping out of bed to start your morning workout? Heading for the couch after work instead of the exercise bike? If you are feeling bored, unmotivated or simply no longer getting the same results from your current workout routine, it is  helpful to understand that exercise burnout is a real thing and it can be frustrating.  Whether it's caused by overtraining, under-recovery or simply exhaustion, there are ways to break the burnout cycle. Determining the causes and finding motivating solutions can get you back on track in no time!


Change it up

Feeling like your workouts are getting stale?  Avoid the inevitable exercise plateau by incorporating different workouts into your repertoire.  If you are an avid runner or biker, try getting your cardio from some laps in the pool.  Swimming uses nearly every muscle in the body, but also soothes sore muscles.  And, when the summer temperatures soar, it can be a great end of the day refresher.  Body weight exercises are important in conjunction with cardio, and with the explosion of online classes available lately, now is a great time to work pilates, yoga or even a dance class into your routine. Try the Nike Training Club App or Obe for some great at-home workouts! 

Take the ‘Work’ out of Workout

If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it. This is particularly true when it comes to sticking with an exercise routine long term.  But how can you make your workouts fun?  Music can make a huge difference. Picking a high-energy, motivational playlist like Barry’s Bootcamp on Spotify, and jam out during your workout. When you just need to improve your mood, go ahead and treat yourself to some cool new workout gear or athletic wear. We are loving Balance Athletica for their colorful designs and Booty By Brabants’ must-have leggings. You deserve it after all your hard work and sometimes that can be enough to get you back out there and feeling great.

Hydration is Key

Fueling your body is not only about the food you eat.  Of course a well-balanced, high protein, low sugar diet will help give you energy for optimal workout performance, but there is more to it than just that. Hydration before, during and after your workout is critical to performing your best.  If you become dehydrated, the body will not function properly which can lead to a lack of motivation and fatigue. Some of our favorite ways to stay hydrated are grabbing a can of Pricklee superfruit water or mixing a packet of Hydrant Rapid Hydration Mix into our water. Especially in the summer months if you’re planning to take your workout outside, hydrate consistently even on days when you don’t exercise. 


Grab a Friend

Exercising with a buddy can make your workouts much more enjoyable and help keep you accountable as well.  You will be less likely to skip your workout if someone is depending on you to show up, and workouts seem to fly by when you have company.  Plus, having a friend along opens up many more exercise options. How about a friendly game of tennis? A little competition between friends is a great motivator that can push you both to workout just a little bit harder! 

Rest is Important

If you have tried to change it up and still feel depleted, you may just need to take a break and give your mind, and body time to rest and recover. Every time you workout, you actually cause microscopic tears in your muscles. Giving your body the opportunity to repair itself is how you get stronger. Your muscles strengthen during recovery phases, so proper rest can actually help you reach your fitness goals faster. Listen to your body when you are feeling worn out and give yourself a break when you need it.

Exercise plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle, and there are countless ways to stay motivated this summer. Make sure to stay hydrated, grab a friend, a great playlist and get your sweat on!

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