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Ready, Set, SUMMER!!!!

The days are long, the weather is perfect and it's finally time to hit the road. Whether it’s a day trip to the beach, the mountains, the lake or perhaps...

The days are long, the weather is perfect and it's finally time to hit the road. Whether it’s a day trip to the beach, the mountains, the lake or perhaps a longer getaway, having all the essentials on hand will help make your summer adventure the best it can be.  Keep reading for our go-to summer essential recommendations! 


Play it Safe

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you can let your guard down when it comes to keeping safe and healthy. No matter where your adventures take you, make sure you stay hydrated! Don’t leave for your adventure without grabbing your refillable water bottle. We love the Ace 24 oz Vacuum Stainless Steel water bottle from Zulu Athletics because it’s non-toxic and easy to clean!

To protect your skin, apply your sunscreen early and often. We recommend COOLA Mineral Body Organic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30. It protects you from damaging UV rays while also moisturizing your skin. Being out in the sun can also leave your lips feeling dry- keep them looking lush with our favorite Manuka Honey lip balm from Moroccan Magic! If you are headed to the mountains or a lake area, an all natural bug repellent, like lemon eucalyptus essential oil, to keep those pesky mosquitoes away. 

Start Your Engine

Since it’s likely that summer travels will be by car this year, make sure you’re ready to roll by checking oil, tires and wipers before you leave. An extra roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer can be a real lifesaver! Try Touchland Power Mist, a hand sanitizing spray that is made with moisturizing essential oils and germ-fighting 67% ethyl alcohol. Be mindful of the environment and have a few garbage bags on hand for stops along the way and to keep the inside of your car clean as well.  To keep those phone batteries charged up and ready for the perfect Instagrammable moment, try the Anker PowerCore 10000 PD redux, which offers the fastest charging speed of any portable charger tested!    


Snacks Make Everyone Happy

No one likes to travel with someone who is ‘hangry’. Instead of relying on a rest stop or local convenience store when hunger strikes, a little pre-planning can stop that potentially nutritionally-void binge. Having a supply of healthy, pre-portioned snacks ready to go will save the day.  A few of our favorite road-tested healthy snacks to try out for your next trip are Biena chickpea puffs, Siete grain-free tortilla chips, and of course Protein Power Ball for your daily dose of energizing plant-based protein!  

Let the fun Begin

Now that we are finally able to get out and have some fun don’t waste a minute.

Do your planning in advance so when you hit the road all you need to think about is the adventure ahead. Afterall, it's about enjoying the moment and creating great memories. 

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