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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Entire Family!

Make your list and check it twice! Express your gratitude for the special people in your life by giving them thoughtful gifts for the wellbeing of their body, mind and...

Make your list and check it twice! Express your gratitude for the special people in your life by giving them thoughtful gifts for the wellbeing of their body, mind and spirit. 

For The Body 

  • Bala Bangles (@bala) are versatile and comfortable wrist/ankle weights that add resistance to any workout. Wear while training, participating in recreational activities or even during household chores. 
  • Give the gift that makes staying hydrated simple and is also a gift to the environment. Reusable water bottles come in so many varieties, you'll be able to find the perfect design to personalize your gift. 
  • Know someone who loves to cook but is too busy to shop and prep? A subscription to a meal delivery kit service is a welcome timesaver!  Check out @purplecarrotxo for delicious, healthy, plant-based meal kits delivered right to the door. 
  • Just for her: Give the gift of beauty sleep! Amplify the benefits of healthy hair and skin treatments with a pure silk pillowcase (@slipsilkpillowcase). It helps prevent frizzy, damaged, tangled hair while minimizing wrinkles and preserving skin's moisture. 
  • Just for him: Skin care is for men too! The Superfood Cleanser (@youthtothepeople) green juice facial cleanser is made with cold-pressed antioxidants such as kale, spinach, and green tea. It’s vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable. And, the packaging is sustainable!

For The Mind and Spirit

  • What do meditation and gardening have in common? Both take practice, care and attention. Bring mindfulness to life with a windowsill or hydroponic indoor garden to grow relaxing lavender, calming chamomile or herbs for home remedies and cooking.
  • For that special someone, choose a calming and relaxing weighted blanket that can lead to a deeper night’s sleep. The @Bearaby's Velvet Napper is made from fibers derived from recycled marine plastic, so you'll sleep well knowing you rescued 900 plastic bottles from polluting the environment.  
  • An  aromatherapy diffuser, along with an assortment of pure, natural essential oils, uses the power of plants to refresh a space with soothing scents that can help relax, rejuvenate and elevate mood. Who doesn't want that?   


Don’t Forget The Kids

It's never too early to start kids on a path to good health and mindfulness. Teach them young and they may develop healthful habits that will last a lifetime. 

  • A  gratitude journal helps kids to learn to be thankful for even the small things in their lives. Younger kids can start by drawing pictures and progress to writing. It will be a treasure for them to look back on when they get older!
  • Books, books and more books! No matter the age or stage, there's a book to spark creativity and imagination. There are even books about mindfulness for young children such as The Mindful Dragon. The choices are endless.
  • Yoga is for children of all ages. The Kids Yoga Adventure Card Deck teaches kids yoga poses by taking them through imaginary adventures. A membership to a yoga studio or series of online classes will get teens started on a practice that can grow as they do.

Gifts, chosen with intention, that can benefit the body, mind and spirit are gifts that keep on giving long after the holidays have passed.

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