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7 Virtual Workouts You NEED To Try!

How are we an entire month into 2021? In case you’re already needing a refresh on your workouts, we got you covered! I find that trying new types of workouts...

How are we an entire month into 2021? In case you’re already needing a refresh on your workouts, we got you covered! I find that trying new types of workouts keeps things fresh- especially when my living room is also serving as my gym these days. Some of the best workouts I’ve found were simply by chance and it got me wondering, how do people find out about these awesome trainers and programs?

We’re putting together a list of our favorite virtual workouts that keep us pushing forward on our fitness goals week after week. There’s a little bit of everything- weight, HIIT, dance, boot camp, yoga so your options are really endless here. The best part is there are also some FREE workouts that you can try out and see if it’s worth the investment!

1. Aly Gray Fitness | @alygrayfit

Aly is SO motivating and offers workouts that can be done at home or even in the gym! Get ready to get toned and sculpted with her unique workout plans that are specific to your fitness goals. 


FREE classes: Aly offers classes through IG LIVE every week! Check them out on her page @alygrayfit    

SUBSCRIBE: From personal training to access to all of her videos which starts at $30/ month join Aly on Demand at


2. Kupah James | @kupahjames


One word comes to mind when we think of Kupah James...ENERGY! He is a celebrity trainer and creator of Bodyweight Boot Kamp. If you’re looking for challenging, total body strengthening workouts you’ve come to the right place!

FREE classes: Take Kupah’s classes anytime you like through his youtube channel


3. Jenn Lab Fit | @jennlabfit


Jenn is an inspiration to us ALL. She helps motivate and empower women to find balance throughout their fitness journey while still keeping it fun- of course! What I love about Jenn is how she breaks down each movement and offers lots of variations!

FREE classes: Check out Jenn’s comprehensive workouts through her Instagram @jennlabfit and on her website

4. Naomi Rotstein | @naomi.rotstein

Naomi does it all! She’s a health and fitness coach that also runs her own business AND has a podcast...phew! Naomi designed a 12 week comprehensive strength and conditioning program to help you accelerate fat loss and gain more muscle definition. The best part is once you purchase her program it’s yours for LIFE! You can go back to it and do it again at any point!

SUBSCRIBE: If you’re ready for some at home strength training check out Naomi’s program on her website

5. Kate | @beyondfitmom

Talk about inspiration! Kate is a supermom who offers FREE workouts for other new moms to help them jumpstart their fitness goals. She also offers more comprehensive programs that are specifically designed to regain core strength after having a baby. 


FREE resources: check out Kate’s helpful 7-day jumpstart through her website

6. Frances Flores | @shapedbyfrances

Are you ready to take your home gym and your yoga practice to the next level? Frances Flores is an incredible yoga instructor and also a coach for Tonal, the smartest at home gym! 


FREE classes: Try a class with Frances for free on the Tonal youtube page

SUBSCRIBE: Grab yourself a Tonal and gain access to all of her workouts plus a ton more!  

7. Breyanna Wilson | @breyfit_


Ready for a new workout and a new fitness app?! Check out Breyanna on the EVEX fitness app. Brey will keep your workouts fun, exciting, and most importantly challenging!


FREE classes: All of Brey’s workouts are free (for now) through the EVEX fitness app

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