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5 Motivational Podcasts You Need to Start Listening to in 2021

Being totally honest here, it actually took me a while to get into listening to podcasts on a regular basis. I gradually started listening to more and more motivational, self...

Being totally honest here, it actually took me a while to get into listening to podcasts on a regular basis. I gradually started listening to more and more motivational, self development podcasts around the same time that I started my own entrepreneurial journey with Protein Power Ball (about two years ago).

There is truly something so awe-inspiring when the guests (or even hosts) of these podcasts share their stories of success, struggle, grit, and ingenuity. I’ve picked up so many helpful nuggets along the way, but I do have a few favorite podcasts that I always find myself going back to. Here are my top 5 motivational podcasts you need to start listening to this year!


1. The SHE x SHINES Podcast

The SHE x SHINES PodcastThink of this almost as your favorite girl-talk with women who have been there, built that, and are paying it forward. SHE x SHINES is a platform for multi-passionate women that provides connection, community, and endless resources to help you succeed in life. The podcast is led by a fierce duo, Anna Laura Sommer and Alexandria Wynter, who came together and created SHE x SHINES as a result of their shared passion to find ways to empower women. The average episode length is about 30 minutes and they are filled with amazing business building tips from marketing strategy, to how to hire your dream team. I recommend starting with Episode 020 “Pinterest as a traffic Driver for your Brand, with Freelancer & Lifestyle Blogger Allison Hodges.” 


2.  1FITFOODIE Podcast

The 1FITFOODIE PodcastNaomi Rotstein, a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, AND business owner seriously brings it all. Every week Naomi sits down with entrepreneurs who share the ups, downs, twists, and turns of their journey while offering thought provoking insight to the listener. If  you are starting your first business venture, or looking to take your current business to the next level, there is no doubt you will walk away with a fresh perspective after listening to an episode. Some of the guests Naomi has interviewed include Colleen Hayes, Founder of Prezence Mindfulness App, Matt Lombardi, co-founder of Beam Organics, and Paula Hoss, founder of CLN & DRTY Natural Skincare. The average episode is about an hour, but trust me they FLY by! If you’re looking for some serious productivity inspo, check out Episode 21 “Ashley Mcdonald [therapist, mentor, self-care advocate, productivity coach, & time strategist]."


3. The Ed Mylett Show 

The Ed Mylett Show
Talk about an all around inspirational human. Ed Mylett is an entrepreneur, best selling author, global speaker, and his podcast consistently shows up on the top 50 Apple Podcasts. Ed interviews and showcases the greatest peak-performers across all industries including business, health, sports, and entertainment. There is no doubt as soon as you listen to your first episode, you will learn something and take away practical steps to implement into your own journey. A few of his guests include Jay Shetty, Maria Menounos, and Gary Vaynerchuk. Get ready to transform your year with this one! Get started by listening to Built for the Grind w/ Gary Vee”


4. The Angie Lee Show

The Angie Lee Show

Angie is your (hilarious) marketing wiz business bestie who's obsessed with helping you ditch perfect, celebrate the suck, and start before you're ready. You know that friend with unshakable optimism that makes you laugh and motivates the heck out of you? That’s Ang. This podcast has it all- a laid back vibe that lets you feel like you're talking to one of your friends (the one who always makes you laugh) and also insanely useful tips on how to start OR transform your current business. Angie herself is a college drop-out, turned 7-figure organic marketing wiz and keynote speaker. Her episode topics range from how to manage your anxiety to leaving your 9-5 job and making money online. Most of her episodes are short and sweet (about 25 minutes). Check out one of my favorite solo episodes “Be Brave Enough to Suck. Are you Letting Perfectionism Stop you From Showing Up?”

5. How I Built This 

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Okay, I had to include this one in my top five list. I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and these interviews never cease to amaze me. Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built. This podcast gives you the full picture of what it was like for the founders of these incredible brands that we know so well today to get to where they are. Contrary to popular belief, success definitely does not happen overnight! Guy has interviewed Mark Cuban, Brian Chesky of Airbnb, and Kendra Scott just to name a few. If you’ve never listened before, one of my all-time favorite episodes is Guy’s interview with Jen Rubio, Founder of Away Luggage

Hopefully this list is helpful and inspires endless motivational self development in 2021! 

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