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8 Wellness Essentials You Need This Fall

Are you ready to swap your iced coffee for a PSL yet? If you haven’t noticed, Fall is in FULL effect. While it’s always sad to see the warm summer...

Are you ready to swap your iced coffee for a PSL yet? If you haven’t noticed, Fall is in FULL effect. While it’s always sad to see the warm summer months go, the transition into Fall is always a great time to change up your wellness routine!

We’ve put together a list of 8 wellness essentials that you need to try this Fall. Everything from yummy eats, superfood supplements, to chemical free skin care! All of these companies are mission driven with the goal of providing clean, simple and transparent products



This delicious, sprouted oat granola has quickly turned into a morning staple for me! It has the perfect crunchy texture and just the right amount of chocolatey cacao. 
Why sprouted? When the grains are soaked and then sprouted it naturally enhances all the vitamins and minerals that are already present in these foods. This amazing granola is also certified gluten free and non-glyphosate certified!



If you’ve been on social media lately you may have noticed the trending “Ube Latte” craze that’s happening. So what is this vibrant purple powder that’s becoming so popular? Ube is made from purple yams and is known to have some great health benefits! They are rich in antioxidants (especially vitamin C!) and are a great source of flavonoids. Ube has an interesting, almost nutty flavor and is the perfect addition to your morning superfood smoothie! 



While the name might sound scary, the health benefits of this powerful mushroom are extremely friendly. Lion’s mane is an adaptogen which is a class of plants that helps your body “adapt” to the everyday stressors we face. It has a protective effect on your cells while also promoting overall health, energy, and mood! Our favorite way to use this superfood powder is to mix it into a smoothie or add it to your morning coffee! 



Completely refreshing and antioxidant rich- what more can you ask for? This is exactly what you’ll get with Pricklee- a delicious cactus water. It’s made from the fruit of the cactus (the prickly pear) and has a delicate, fruity flavor. The perks don’t stop there, it also has half the sugar and calories of coconut water! 



FINALLY a natural deodorant that actually works! If you were worried about switching to a natural deodorant during the hot summer months, now is the time to try something new. Type A is aluminum free and long lasting. It’s made with natural ingredients including spirulina to fight bacteria and activated charcoal to fight odor. The Vanilla Almond Milk scent is absolutely perfect for Fall! 

Ready to take your skin care routine to the next level? Here’s the secret: it all starts with your cleansing routine! If you’re only washing your face with cleanser, chances are you won’t completely wash off all your makeup. This cleansing balm from Farmacy is applied before you cleanse and melts away all the makeup so it can be completely removed when you cleanse! It’s super hydrating and leaves behind zero residue!


Get ready to GLOW! This all natural face mask is the perfect addition to your skin
care routine this Fall! It deeply detoxifies, removes impurities, and brightens your skin with every use! The star ingredients here feature kaolin clay, turmeric, and soothing carrot seed oil. Get ready to reveal a beautiful, natural glow with this incredible mask!
Craving all the fall flavors this year?? Protein Power Ball has got you covered with our limited edition Fall Bundle! This bundle includes our Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice and our peanut-free Maple Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. Can you say, “YUM!” These flavors will satisfy all your cravings. Bring them on your fall adventures, or enjoy them at home with your favorite latte and spooky movies!
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